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We ignite conversations led by people of color to fuel movements for social and racial justice.





A racial, economic, and gender just world.



Who we are


Justice Matters Press is the nation’s only social and racial justice press run by people of color for people of color. We publish books that elevate public discussion and understanding of issues that matter to people of color.


As an independent nonprofit publisher of books on social and racial justice, we aim to be a hub of knowledge, ideas, and inspiration—a place to produce compelling and engaging literature that take us to new ways of thinking and bringing about lasting systemic change. We believe that the voices and values of people of color are indispensable to achieving a reflective and just democracy.


The founding of Justice Matters Press coincides with the current U.S. demographic revolution, one marked by the steady growth in the population of color, projected to become the majority by 2040.





Justice Matters Press was born out of Justice Matters, an Oakland-based racial justice education policy organization. Founded in 1997, Justice Matters elevated the voices and values of communities of color on issues ranging from school discipline to teaching and learning. Its core belief: communities of color hold the answers toward bringing about racially just public schooling.


Justice Matters’ many achievements included:


  • A work-fellowship program in racial justice leadership for university students (several past fellows are now movement leaders);

  • A hub for policy research and analysis;

  • Groundbreaking studies and reports on public education;

  • Organizing families of color to demand racially just schooling for their children and communities;

  • A national effort to provide critical analysis and inform federal policies, including the Elementary and Secondary Education Act; and,

  • A national network of social and racial justice schools.


In 2015, Justice Matters' Board of Directors announced that the organization would be phased out and replaced with a new one—Justice Matters Press, a social and racial justice nonprofit press. Building on Justice Matters’ legacy and core belief, Justice Matters Press places voices of color front and center by igniting conversations on multiple issues, including, though no longer exclusively, public education. Justice Matters Press’ founders recognized the urgent need for bold and nuanced books and other analyses by people of color on issues that are vital to communities of color.



We encourage you to visit the Justice Matters website to learn more about the work to bring about racially just public schooling. There, you will also find resources and links to free publications and multimedia. For more information about Justice Matters and Justice Matters Press, please e-mail publisher [at]