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What is Justice Matters Press?


Justice Matters Press is the nation’s only social and racial justice press run by people of color for people of color. We publish books that elevate public discussion and understanding of issues that matter to people of color.


As an independent nonprofit publisher of books on social and racial justice, we aim to inform, empower, and elevate the voices and values of diverse perspectives long underrepresented in mainstream publishing. We believe that the voices and values of people of color are indispensable to achieving a reflective and just democracy.


What does Justice Matters Press publish?


Justice Matters Press publishes nonfiction titles under the following strands: Race and Politics; Portraits of Leadership; Policy; Social Movements, and Grassroots Movements in the Global South.


How does a nonprofit publisher differ from a “regular” publisher?


Justice Matters Press is guided by its mission, not the bottom line. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we rely on donor and foundation support to publish invaluable books – books that many commercial publishers might not want to take on because they’re obligated to focus on the question, “But will it make (a lot of) money?”


Another major difference is as a nonprofit our book sales do not go toward enriching “business owners,” but instead help Justice Matters Press produce more books and related programs.


How Can I Support Justice Matters Press?


Currently, Justice Matters Press is made possible by the support of a few committed founding donors. However, we need ongoing contributions, large and small, to continue fulfilling our mission, increase the number of titles we publish, and widen our reach.


We welcome support from individuals, foundations, and businesses. If you are interested in supporting our work and helping us grow, click here or e-mail publisher [at]


How will Justice Matters Press books reach readers?


Justice Matters Press books will be available for purchase through online retailers, through independent bookstores, and on university campuses when assigned by instructors.


Beyond publishing books, Justice Matters Press seeks to generate thought-provoking public discussions inspired by our books. This includes a live events program that connects Justice Matters Press with colleges, universities, nonprofit organizations, and other entities to gather diverse audiences to discuss and debate top pressing issues on social and racial justice today.


Do you accept unsolicited book proposals?


Sorry, currently due to the size of our press, we are not accepting unsolicited manuscripts.


Why don’t you accept/publish literary work?


Justice Matters Press exists alongside other independent presses committed to supporting the creative works of writers of color. Our mission is specific to publishing critical works by people of color, which we believe will exist within a greater constellation of works (literary and critical) by people of color.


What is your connection to the nonprofit organization, Justice Matters?


In July 2014, the board of the Oakland-based nonprofit, Justice Matters, voted to convert Justice Matters from a racial justice education policy organization to a nonprofit publishing entity. The board hired Lorenzo Herrera y Lozano, former Justice Matters Associate Director to serve as Justice Matters Press’ inaugural Executive Director.


Justice Matters Press owes much of its mission and vision to the long history and important work of Justice Matters (namely in their shared values: racial justice, sustainable and community-grounded social change, and elevating the voices and values of people of color). Justice Matters Press is the next phase of Justice Matters.


Where are you based?


San Francisco Bay Area