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What we publish

Currently we publish five nonfiction strands:



Race and Politics


Books in this strand examine the role of race in U.S. politics, including the implications of demographic shifts and a people of color majority, our electoral potential, the role and leadership of women of color, understanding who we are as communities of color (differences, similarities, contradictions, etc.), solidarity building, and the imagining of a socially and racially just democracy.



Portraits of Leadership


We honor past and present leaders of color to help others learn from their inspiring feats through bibliographies, memoirs, and autobiographies. We elevate stories of leaders in our communities who might be overlooked by the mainstream and highlight lesser known achievements and issues championed by leaders in order to tell a more complete story.



Race, Systems, and Policies


Building on the legacy of Justice Matters, books in this strand offer racial justice analyses with a multi-issue focus, including how to speak to, influence, organize around, and ultimately change systems and policies that are detrimental to our communities and world. We are particularly interested in books that go beyond moderate-minded reforms and provide bold visions and solutions that disrupt perpetuated cycles of injustice against people of color. Issue areas include: public education, mass criminalization and incarceration, reproductive rights and sexual freedom, poverty and economic justice, immigrant rights and globalization, environmental justice, and privatization.



Social Movements


This strand looks at social movements of the past, particularly those that are not as commonly known yet offer learning and inspiration for today. It also includes books offering analytical frameworks for movements of the present. We are interested in providing fresh and critical analyses of the past and a similarly critical perspective on contemporary movements.



Grassroots Movements of the Global South


With the incessant expansion of corporate greed and pervasive globalization, and their impact on communities of color in the U.S. and throughout the world, this strand explores the struggles of people of color and how the root causes are linked to the struggles of those living in the Global South and vice versa. Recognizing that even grassroots movements in the U.S. fall into the trap of holding geocentric U.S.-based perspectives of the world and the U.S., these books help readers learn from and find inspiration in the ways social movements in other countries are rising, organizing, and bringing about change in the face of ever-consolidating global wealth. Through this strand, we seek to co-create a platform with writers and thinkers of the Global South so their voices can be in dialogue with other people of color across the globe.